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Performance Management

Business Performance Management services
see also UFD BPM Services by selecting the download button on the right side)
The new way of managing IT Infrastructure implies automatically monitoring the response times and availability per Business Process and then secondary automatically correction lacking performance and availability. With Business Performance Management UFD’s customers track down the mission-critical applications first, whose bad performance have the highest negative effects on costs and success of a company.

What services can UFD provide for its customers

  • UFD advises how to put existing conventional IT resource systems management solutions in the service of optimizing Business Processes in contrast with such optimizing an isolated IT resource.
  • UFD offers 3 independent bottom-up service packages for the realization and implementation of an effective and successful End-to-End Business Performance Management
  • Service package 1: Analysis and definition of requirements per business process
  • Service package 2: System Performance Analysis per selected business process with UFD's following offering:
    deliver quick wins for a predefined scope in a defined timeframe for a fixed price
  • Service package 3: End-to-End Business Performance Management (BPM) for all critical business processes in a life environment
  • UFD provides performance, load and mass tests for new or adapted applications to sample its behavior in production and discover potential performance degradations
  • UFD helps to achieve the required performance of a business process

Total Performance Management for a mainframe z/OS environment
(see also UFD Performance Factory by selecting the download button on the right side)
IT organizations must manage larger, more complex environments and support 24x7 workloads in less time, with fewer costs and with increasingly fewer skilled technical staff than ever before.
UFD’s PerformanceFactory is an integrated solution package for the rapid discovery and elimination of performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based batch and online systems. It is effective for augmenting existing Performance Tuning procedures or establishing a practice where none existed previously. UFD’s PerformanceFactory keeps the operating costs for the Business down and frees the valuable resources to focus on the Business needs.

What services can UFD provide for its customers

  • our performance specialists advise how to eliminate traditionally manual and labor-intensive activities for Application Performance Tuning and Resource Optimization with UFD's PerformanceFactory to keep costs and demand for skilled IT staff down.
  • our systems engineers provide the installation, customization and maintenance of the integrated solution package tool suite
  • our performance engineers educate your staff to efficiently use UFD's PerformanceFactory
  • our performance engineers find, analyze and eliminate performance degradations in your system and in your applications


Performance Management
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